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Jubilee is a young mutant from Marvel's X-Men series. She made a cameo appearance in X-Men vs. Street Fighter and appears in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes as an assist character.


Jubilation Lee, nicknamed "Jubilee", grew up as the daughter of two wealthy Chinese immigrants. She lived a good life until her parents were murdered by two hitmen, leaving her an orphan. She was sent to an orphanage, but ran away shortly afterwards and hid inside a shopping mall, where she stole in order to survive. At one time while running away from mall security, she discovered her ability to generate and manipulate plasmoids in the form of blinding and explosive energy blasts she refers to as "fireworks". After this, she started using her powers as a way to gain money by entertaining customers of the mall.

When the mall security, unable to capture her and tired of her unauthorized performances, sent a hired squad to get her, she was rescued by a number of X-Men members including Psylocke, Rogue and Storm. Curious about these people, Jubilee tracks them into their home base and settles there in secret. After some time living in secret at the X-Men's base, Jubilee is witnesses Wolverine being tortured by an enemy group and decides to help him, bringing him into her hiding spot.

From that point forward, Jubilee became a regular teammate of Wolverine on many missions across the world, where they develop a close father-daughter relationship. Eventually, Wolverine introduces her formally to Professor Xavier and she's welcomed into officially joining the X-Men.

She was one of the many mutants who were depowered by Scarlet Witch's rewrite of reality, in the event that became known as M-Day.

Assist Attack[]

  • Fireworks: Jubilee jumps into the screen and produces several projectiles, which she then shoots forward in a spread pattern. She then blows her gum and jumps away. The attack is a bit slow to start-up, but the projectiles are widely spread and cover a big range in front of her, making hitting the enemy easier. Can be used a total of eight times.



  • Jubilee, along with Thor, is one of the only Marvel assist characters not featured in a previous game in the series, being specifically created for Marvel vs. Capcom. Unlike Thor, however, Jubilee had no further appearances in the series.