Judgment Strike
Umvc3 ghost rider judgment strike 2
Judgment Strike
User Ghost Rider
Hits 10
Damage 25,000 x 10
Execution Arcade Stick S+Attack hard
Properties Projectile

Ghost Rider whips his chain, firing a spread of projectiles that reach over 3/4 across the screen. This fan-shaped attack controls a massive amount of space, stopping all frontal advances from the ground and normal jump height. Judgment Strike pushes the opposing character back a fair amount, even when guarded. A guarded Judgment Strike is only punishable by fast attacks if guarded at close range and safe if guarded at a distance. Judgment Strike's main weakness is its slow startup, making it easily interrupted by attacks if performed at close range. To mitigate this, use it at mid to long range.


  • If your opponent guards against a Rage Whip, cancel into Judgment Strike to puch your opponent back and chip away at his health.
  • Make liberal use of this attack from a distance to frustrate opponents while chipping away at their vitality.

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