User Chun-Li
Hits 1
Execution Arcade Stick HCF+Punch - Pre-MvC3
Arcade Stick HCF+Attack - MvC3
Properties Projectile

Kikouken (気功拳, lit. Qigong Fist) is one of Chun-Li's special moves where Chun-Li throws a ki projectile. It is considered one of her main moves.

So far to date, there have been five different animations with the attack. However, unlike most projectiles, there are some games where the Kikouken may not fly as far as one expects, limiting its usage in zoning.

Attack Power Description
Attack light / L punch ???
Attack medium / M punch ???
Attack h / H punch ???


User Chun-Li
Damage 100,000
Execution Attack hard during Attack hard Kikoken
Properties Crumple, Projectile

Kikouanken (気功暗拳, lit. Qigong Shade Fist) is a new version of the attack in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, a variation of her original Zero-Shiki Kikouken, where she causes a small short range energy blast that makes her slump a bit like the Kikoushou.

This move causes crumple state, which makes it useful for extending combos.