Legion Arrow
Legion Arrow
User Taskmaster
Meter Cost One
Hits 25~50
Damage 289,400~347,500
Execution Arcade Modifier (Air)Qcf+Attack x2
Properties Mashable, OTG (Air L+H, Air M+H & Ground M+H version)

"You can't run away! You're in for a world of hurt!"
—Spoken during Legion Arrow.

Legion Arrow is one of Taskmaster's Hyper Combos.

He aims for the opponent anywhere in the screen and fires a hail of blazing arrows at them. The move can be used in the air as well. The direction of the arrows is determined by the buttons used:

Attack Power Description
Attack light+Attack medium

Horizontal Shot

Attack medium+Attack h

Vertical Shot. Hits OTG

Attack light+Attack h Angled Shot. Hits OTG while in Air

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