User Dormmamu
Damage Varies
Execution Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCB+Attack hard
Properties Varies

Liberation is Dormammu's most unique special attack.   After storing any combination of Dark Spell: Creation and Dark Spell Destruction points (up to a maximum of three) Dormammu releases the stored energy to produce a number of different effects. 

In Marvel vs. Capcom 3 these attacks could only be used while on the ground, but in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 you can perform Liberation and the Dark Spells in mid-air as well. When releasing your spell charges in the air, Dormammu will teleport to the ground directly below him and then perform the Liberation stocked. The animation is identical to his normal teleport animation, making it hard for your opponent to read. Dark Spell: Destruction is the only move he can use in simple mode, and can only be used after 3 charges. As an assist attack, Dormammu uses Liberation and uses the Dark Spell charges he had stored.


Spell Name Dark Spells Damage Properties Description
Burst None 80,000 None Release a short range burst of dark energy around Dormammu
Spike 1C 108,300 None Raises a spike of molten rock directly in front of Dormammu
Hell Spike 2C 183,400 Soft Knockdown Raises three spikes in a proceeding sequence
Hell's Grasp 3C 0 Roots for 6 seconds Create a carpet of dark energy across the ground that slows opponents and negates their jump for 6 seconds
Boom 1D 98,400 Soft Knockdown Triggers an explosion directly in front of Dormammu
Big Boom 2D 163,800 Soft Knockdown Triggers a more powerful explosion
Big Bang 3D 195,000 OTG, Soft Knockdown Triggers a full screen explosion
Meteor 1C1D 198,200 OTG, Hard Knockdown Summons a barrage of flaming meteors to rain down from the sky
Hellfire 2C1D 298,200 OTG, Hard Knockdown Summons a larger meteor shower
Inferno 1C2D 276,600 OTG, Hard Knockdown Summons a volcanic eruption in front of Dormammu, followed by a rain of flaming rocks


  • Use assists to cover for Dormammu while you charge up Dark Spells.
  • Use the Stalking Flare to get Dark Spell charges while the opponent is occupied.
  • Hit airborn opponents with Inferno after they recover from a launcher to maximize the damage.
  • Hell Spike can be combo'd into a heavy Dark Hole.
  • When storing Dark Spells in the air, activate flight first to get multiple charges.
  • Destruction: 3 negates projectiles and will combo into a Dark Hole H + Chaotic Flame.


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