Lost in Nightmares
Lost in Nightmares
User Wesker
Meter Cost Three
Hits 12
Damage 450,000
Execution S+Attack button 2x
Properties Invincible, Hard Knockdown

"Oh please! Back to you!"

Lost in Nightmares, AKA Renkan Satsu (連環殺, lit. "Linkage Killing") in Japanese, is Wesker's Level 3 Hyper Combo.

Wesker first brings both his arms crossed in front of himself, then twin-palm strikes both sides of himself (this is the initial blow of the attack). Once it connects, he then attacks his opponent from both sides using his teleporting, then throws a cruise missile onto the enemy. This attack has start-up invincibility, but can be hard to combo into without the correct assists.

The attacks he uses in this order during his barrage of attacks are an inward high roundhouse kick, a turning backfist punch, a forward palm thrust from behind his opponent, a falling axe-handle from above and in front, a high-aimed swing kick, backwards front-somersaulting kick from behind, a Panther Fang (his standing M) from the front, a backwards elbow strike from behind, then a final Tiger Uppercut (his standing S) from front before the missile. Each of these blows leaves behind purple comic book-tearing marks as well as pale-purple flash bursts for each time Wesker teleports.


  • You can combo into this move by picking up a downed opponent with the Low Gun shot OTG, and activating any level of X-Factor into Lost in Nightmares.
  • You can also use Dante's Jam Session (or another similar assist) to hold the opponent in place after the Low Gun shot OTG if you don't want to use up your X-Factor.


  • The final blow is a reference in Resident Evil 5 where Wesker will randomly pick up a nearby missile if the player doesn't get to finish Wesker in a given time.
  • The name of this Hyper Combo based on a downloadable content chapter from Resident Evil 5, also called "Lost in Nightmares".

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