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Lou is the main protagonist of the side-scrolling game "Midnight Wanderers" and the shoot'em up "Chariot", both part of the Arcade game Three Wonders. He appears in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes as an assist character.


Lou and his partner Siva are a pair of adventurer known as the Midnight Wanderers, two brave warriors who travel from place to place in a constant search of adventures and fortune. Lou employs a dart gun as his main weapon and can summon the assistance of small Option spirits, which provide back-up fire. When hit, Lou loses his clothes in a similar manner to Arthur.

After having obtained the "Card of the Dawn", said to be the only object capable of awakening the Chariot of Light that the evil deity Gaia has stolen, they take it upon themselves to reach the top of Gaia's castle and release the sealed Chariot. Once they recover the chariot, they have to use it to combat the forces of Gaia's superior, Lar, as he attempts to capture Castle Ashtar.

Assist Attack[]

  • Firestorm: Lou and "Firestorm", a small fire-based Option, enter the screen. Lou shoots several darts from his weapon, while Firestorm performs a ranged fire breath attack for a few seconds, after which they leave the screen. The assist is somewhat useful and his small size makes him hard to hit. It can be used a total of eight times. When called to attack, he says Makase toke! (任せとけ!?, Leave it to me!).



  • His 2P color (green/orange) is based on the palette of Siva, his partner and 2nd player character from Three Wonders.

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