Mad Hopper
Mad Hopper
User Rocket Raccoon
Meter Cost One
Hits 1
Damage 220,000
Execution Arcade Stick QCB+Attack x2
Properties Trap, Spinning Knockdown

"This weighs more than me!"
—Rocket Raccoon

Mad Hopper is one of Rocket Raccoon's Hyper Combos. Rocket throws down a large trap that activates a spring that launches the opponent off the ground in one of three directions, depending on the buttons pressed. This trap will stay on the ground if it does not immediately hit the opponent, and unlike his normal traps, he can have multiple spring traps on the screen at the same time (max is three), and they do not dissapear if Rocket Raccoon is hit.

The move returns in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, however, the trap now delivers an electric shock instead of launching the opponent with a spring.

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