Mass Change
Mvc3 dormammu mass change
Mass Change
User Dormammu
Execution Arcade Modifier (Air)AS RS+Attack
Properties Teleport

Mass Change is Dormammu's teleportation special. He teleports to an area relative to the opponent based on the button pressed. L puts Dormammu in the air in front of his enemy, M warps him above and behind his foe and H puts him directly above his opponent.

Mass Change M is one of Dormammu's greatest assets because it allows him to quickly get behind his adversary at relatively low risk. This is great both for fullscreen cross-up offense using crossover assists or Dark Matter. It's also useful for evading incoming attackers and getting out of tight corners.

Mass Change H is primarily used for mix-ups, and is the only version of Mass Change that keeps Dormammu within range to easily attack his enemy, making it ideal for countering zoning characters.


  • Use Mass Change M right before the Stalking Flare reaches the enemy to mix them up.

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