Michelle Heart is one of the two protagonist in the side-scrolling action Arcade game Legendary Wings. She appears in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes as an assist character.


Michelle Heart comes from a distant alternate future where humanity has reached a new era of enlightment thanks to the assistance of an alien supercomputer known as "DARK". One day, however, DARK rebels against mankind and decides to erradicate it from Earth. To protect humanity, Michelle Heart is given the "Wings of Love" by the God of War, Ares, and sent to defeat the supercomputer.

Michelle Heart fights with the use of a sub-machine gun and the wings granted by Ares, which allows her to fly across the sky.

Assist AttackEdit

  • In the Name of God: Michelle Heart comes flying from the corner of the screen, then takes aim and shoots several waves of projectiles forward, after which she flies away. Michelle will appear at the same height the opponent is at the moment she's called, which can become a disadvantage when the opponent jumps and she ends up too high to be of any use. Her projectile covers a good range, but are weak. It can be used a total of six times. When called to attack, she says Kami no na nioite (神の名に置いて!), "In the name of God!".



  • Her name is misspelled "Miechelle Heart" in the game.