Mustang Kick
Wesker mustang kick
Mustang Kick
User Wesker
Hits 2
Damage 120,000
Execution Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button
Properties Throw,
Hard Knockdown (M version)
Wall Bounce (H version)

Mustang Kick, AKA Moushou Kyaku (猛衝脚, lit. "Fierce Piercing Leg") in Japanese, is Albert Wesker's throw special where Wesker grabs his foe, then fires a Samurai Edge gunshot at their foot before finishing with a full-force stepping side kick; the kick by itself originates from Resident Evil 5 as one of his unique melee attacks and its purple streak effect is unique to Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

This throw can be used to lead into a full combo, making it the focal point of Wesker's close range offense. It only has a single frame of startup, which means it will beat any of your opponent's options that don't involve being airborne or invincible. The L version has the most range and causes a soft knockdown. The M version has slightly less range and causes a hard knockdown, and the H version has the least range and causes a wall bounce.


  • The L version is the hardest to combo off of, but it leads into more damaging combos. Dash in after Mustang Kick L and catch them with crouching M to lead into a full combo.

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