Mystic Sword
Mystic Sword
User Doctor Strange

Light: 50,000 x3
M/H: 50,000 + 80,000

Execution Arcade Stick S+Attack button
Properties N/A

The Mystic Sword is an incredibly potent move in Doctor Strange's toolset and has a few variations of itself. When this move has been executed, Doctor Strange will quickly summon an ethereal sword and slash the air, creating blade-like projectiles of energy. The low version is a swift, three-hit flurry of slashing blades that cover Strange's entire body and counts as a physical attack. This move acts as an excellent combo extender along with the Impact Palm and is Hyper-Combo cancelable, which makes a perfect way for him to perform Astral Magic off of. The low version also acts as an excellent anti-air to stop overheads, but has not been confirmed to nullify projectiles. Another interesting thing to note, is that many of Doctor Strange's normals, as well as the Impact Palm, are considered unsafe, but if Strange cancels them into the Mystic Sword L, it will make his combo strings much safer against opponents who are blocking for advantage. The other variations of Mystic Sword fire incredibly rapid projectiles; the Medium strength fires a blade forward in front of Strange, while H fires a blade upwards at an angle. The start up on these versions is quick and the projectile blades travel across the screen very fast. Additionally, these projectiles are said to have some of the highest durability in the game. Because of these two reasons, Mystic Sword M and H should be used regularly for zoning pressure and battles against other zoning characters when Strange has no meter to perform the Seven Rings of Raggadorr. The H version should be used against opponents who attempt to approach Strange from the air like Trish or M.O.D.O.K. A downside is that the recovery on this move seems to be too great in order to perform a teleport mix up and is not possible to perform in the air like most of his other special moves.

In Infinite, two versions of Mystic Sword has been split ofr either punches or kicks:

  • Punch versions uses the Dual Slashes from UMvC3’s Light Attack version, with additional wall bounce for HP version.
  • Kick versions remained the same as UMvC3’s M and H Shockwave versions, in addition of wall bounce.