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Nova... the guy who put the "War" in New Warriors.


Nova, real name Richard "Richie" Rider is a superhero from the Nova series by Marvel. He is the host of the entire Nova Force, a vast energy source that he can access to grant himself a number of superhuman attributes. He is the current Nova Prime, the leader of the Nova Corps, and is mainly affiliated with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and secondarily affiliated with one of the Earth's super hero teams, such as New Warriors, Defenders and Heroic Age era Secret Avengers.

Nova is a playable character in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.




Richard's personality in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is a combination of his brash, and cocky personality from his early appearances and his serious, determined attitude from post-Annihilation. Cocky, wisecracking, and self-absorbed, Rider is not unlike Hawkeye in terms of personality. He is also very lively and is a very competent fighter. Also like Hawkeye, he is serious mainly only when really needed, but at heart, he is a good person and a true hero who yearns to help the entire galaxy to the best of his power, and even beyond. He enjoys joking around with friends and potential enemies, one example being that his pre-match quote against Rocket Raccoon has him calling him an extra from Bambi.


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3[]

Nova's ending features him reflecting and cherishing his time in the Nova Corps before he reveals his new team: the Mega Nova Corps. The team itself consists of the classic Mega Man, Proto Man, Roll, Beat and Zero all in Nova Centurion outfits.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite[]

Nova first appears with Gamora after getting information that Grandmaster Meio made an alliance with Ultron Sigma, in the same time upon being called that they have rescue & imprison Thanos to make sure he won't backstab the heroes to defeat Ultron Sigma, right after Thor Odinson became the first hero to fall victim to the Sigma virus, and the heroes lost him.

He later joins X's team to find the Power Stone and destroy the ultimate weapon Gravitron Core at Knowmoon. He and Captain Marvel fight Ultron Drone guards while Strider Hiryu and Gamora kill Meio, and X and Rocket Raccoon save Zero from the villains' brainwash. Though the heroes manage to get the Power Stone, they realize that Gravitron Core contains a Sigma virus, acting as a bomb to spread the virus gas across the Earth, and they are too late to stop it from falling to the Earth's atmosphere and was ordered by Captain America to retreat to Earth. Nova and Captain Marvel joins the other heroes on New Metro City street to held off Jedah Dohma's giant symbiote, but are ordered to retreat to the tower, as Thanos has other plan to stop the symbiote and the falling virus core.

Despite the heroes and Thanos manage to destroy the symbiote with the Infinity Stone they are currently holding, they failed to stop the virus gas spreading, leaving Doctor Thomas Light advices the heroes and Thanos to destroy Ultron Sigma once and for all with no option before the Sigma virus completely controlling their bodies permanently. Nova is amongst the heroes to raid Xgard earlier one last time with no coming back before Iron Man's team (sans Thanos) and Dante catches up with them in time. In the final battle against Ultron Omega (Ultron Sigma's unstable 2nd form as result from foolishly using Soul Stone while lacking of noble soul, tricked by Dante), Nova and the rest of the heroes (including a now cured Thor thanks to Soul Stone he caught onto him) helps X to power-up the Infinity Buster to finish Ultron Omega for good.

Despite Ultron and Sigma are finally being destroyed completely, the two universes remained in converged state when Mike Haggar, Nova and Frank West questioned about it, as the Reality Stone was cracked from previous battle between Thanos and Ultron Sigma, leaving it useless and requires some time to be repaired. This leads Thor to have some heroes keep 2 of 6 Infinity Stones on each 3 locations (Earth, Xgard, and Dark Kingdom).


Nova is a very straight forward rushdown character, and is unique among other characters with his ability to sacrifice red health to increase the damage of certain attacks. Nova has the fastest air dash in the whole game, this makes him good for air combos and mind games.

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  • Nova's victory quote, "That was for Nova Corps." is what Nova said to Annihilus as he killed him at the end of the Annihilation event (only edited to reflect the past tense rather than the present).
  • Nova has a cameo appearance in Marvel Super Heroes, in Thanos' stage, as one of the heroes turned to stone.
  • Nova's appearance indicates he is a Nova Prime and would need the world-mind computer to help him control the power of the nova force, but it is unknown if world-mind is in the game as the only mention of it comes from M.O.D.O.K.'s pre-battle quote against Nova.
  • Nova's ending featuring Mega Man may be a reference to one of his enemies from his early comics also named Megaman.
  • Nova and Phoenix were the only Marvel characters in the game who was presumed dead in the comics when the game came out, prior to their confirmation to be alive/revived and well in almost ten years. Richard Rider's chase has Worldmind inside his helmet was the one that got him infected with a Cancerverse virus for temporary until his Nova protégée Sam Alexander freed Richard and the Worldmind from the Cancerverse's corruption.
  • Nova is the only Marvel hero whom Viewtiful Joe has a specific intro and victory quote for. The dialogue itself implies that Nova is one of Joe's favorite superheroes from Marvel.

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