Okami Shuffle
Okami Shuffle
User Amaterasu
Meter Cost




Execution Arcade Stick QCF+Attack x2




Ōkami Shuffle is one of Amaterasu's Hyper Combos.

Amaterasu activates a series of divine brush techniques. First is Fireburst which does a single hit, then follows up with multiple hit Icestorm, then ends it with multiple hitting Thunderbolt. The last attack will make the opponent fall to the ground.


  • This Hyper is almost full screen. Make sure you use this to punish your opponent for an unscaled Hyper.
  • As Amaterasu is used for assists, she can also be used for her THC where it easily punishes her opponent. The long hyper also allows her teammates to follow up for some massive damage.
  • Make sure you try not to throw it around teleporting characters. There is a timeframe where they can teleport to you during the Fireburst move, making it unsafe.
  • This attack is known as Celestial Brush Wild Kagura (筆しらべ 荒神楽 Fude Shirabe Ara Kagura) in the Japanese version of the game. "Kagura" refers to a type of Shinto theatrical dance.



  • This is a reference to Amaterasu's three of the seven secret techniques in Okami.
  • The kanji when the lightning appears means 'quick'

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