Phantom Dance
Phantom Dance
User Wesker
Meter Cost One
Hits 14-31
Damage 312,000-414,000
Execution Arcade Modifier (Air)AS QCF+Attack button 2x
Properties Soft Knockdown, Mashable

"Mortals are so weak! You are nothing to me!"

Phantom Dance, AKA Sajungata (鎖巡型, lit. "Chained Cycle Model") in the Japanese script, is one of Wesker's Hyper Combos. Wesker removes his glasses during the super flash, then dashes around the screen several times and hits the opponent from several directions in a purple aura.

This hyper is very easy to lead into after combos, but the number of hits is very random. Wesker will return to the spot where the Phantom Dance was activated when the attack ends.


  • Activating this attack with your opponent in the middle of the screen causes the most hits, especially in midair.
  • DHC out of an air Phantom Dance to drop your opponent into almost any teammates hyper combo.
  • Use this full-screen hyper to punish most unsafe attacks at a distance for decent damage.
  • You can use this attack to remove Wesker's glasses to gain the power/speed boost it provides in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  • It is possible to lead into a wall bounce combo after a successful Phantom Dance using Wesker's crouching poke attack. This is done easiest from mid-screen and as long as Wesker gains significant height and the character(s) fall into Wesker's ground position. Damage scaling if successful is extremely high though.

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  • As it shows alot of similarities of Spider-Man's Maximum Spider hyper combo. Many fans calls Wesker's Phantom Dance, "Maximum Wesker," even Seth Killian. Even Deadpool makes a reference to such a joke in UMvC3.
  • When you end this Hyper Combo, you will stop on the ground where you started.

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