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Phoenix Wright is one of the main protagonists of the Ace Attorney series by Capcom. He is a veteran defense attorney known for his ability to "turnabout" the court to his favor. Together with his assistant Maya Fey, they solve case after case, searching for the truth.

Phoenix Wright is a playable character in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

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Phoenix Wright's ending involves him in court stating how he has never touched upon a case so unique before. With that, he brings the defendant of the case, Galactus, to the stand. However, Galactus is naturally too big to fit in the courthouse, so he requests a change of venue.

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Phoenix Wright possesses a wide arsenal of moves, with a variety of effects and uses. His regular moves consist of simple mundane actions such as ducking to search for clues, looking at paper documents and even sneezing (which serves as his Launcher Attack). Many of his special attacks also function that way.

He has three modes (stances): Investigation, Courtroom and Turnabout Mode. Each stance has their own set of special moves and command normals. This makes him somewhat limited at first (as he has access to only three special moves in Investigation Mode), but grows exponentially during the course of the fight.

With this in mind, his gameplay is, coincidentally, defensive-oriented: a mix of a keep-away character (projectiles and other moves with wide/long range) with high combo abilities (moves that strike multiple times and hit OTG). He also has a relatively medium to high damage output (which is further increased in his Turnabout Mode), a decent amount of health, and a very damaging Level 3 (although this one requires him to be specifically in the Turnabout Mode).

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  • Phoenix Wright has three stances, based on Ace Attorney; 'Investigation Mode' and 'Courtroom Mode' references the two main modes of gameplay in his series, while 'Turnabout Mode' references one of the main themes of the game; Wright's ability to turn a situation on its head and change everyone's view of the case.
  • The evidence Phoenix Wright finds is based on evidence in the series, including common items in the series like a knife, an autopsy report, a cell phone and a photograph. Specific items include a broken vase (which may be the vase broken by Victor Kudo in case 3 of Trials & Tribulations), a watch (which may be the watch worn by Doug Swallow in case 1 of the aforementioned game), a bottle of grape juice (Phoenix's favourite drink, at least in Apollo Justice), and a Servbot.
  • His level 1 hyper, "Objection Overruled!", is a reference to a recurring nightmare that Phoenix Wright has in Justice For All.
  • One of Wright's victory quotes is, "I don't like things getting thrown at me, but at least it's not hot coffee.", a reference to Godot, who liked to throw his coffee at Phoenix when he was angry.
  • Wright's victory quote against Firebrand mentions a Demon Prosecutor, AKA Miles Edgeworth, his friend and rival.
  • His Objection! move is named "Bridge To The Turnabout", referencing both the final case of Trials and Tribulations and the fact that it's what lets him enter Turnabout Mode.
  • Phoenix Wright was planned as a playable character in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (alongside fellow Ace Attorney character Franziska von Karma). The idea was scrapped due to problems with game mechanics for his specials using the text bubbles (such his famous "Objection!"), due to the fact that the regional differences would cause the size of the bubble to vary in text, forcing an unbalanced game. In addition, this is what caused fans to want Phoenix Wright to be in a fighting game. Despite it being "silly", even Shu Takumi, creator of the Ace Attorney series, supported it.
  • Phoenix Wright appears in the original Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, as a cameo in She-Hulk's ending. He and Miles Edgeworth are on a courtroom television show called Jen's Justice, with She-Hulk as the judge. Before she delivers her verdict, she accidentally smashes the judge's stand with a slight tap of the gavel, leaving both the lawyer and the prosecutor panicking and hugging each other out of fear with She-Hulk telling the Bailiff that she "did it again."
  • Phoenix Wright is mentioned in one of She-Hulk's win quotes in the original MvsC3, wherein she states "Someone once called me Phoenix Wright with muscles. I called him an ambulance."
  • In an internet poll of characters fans wanted to see in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Phoenix Wright placed second, first being Mega Man X, and Strider Hiryu being third. Both Wright and Strider made it to Ultimate as playable characters, while X made it in as a DLC costume for Zero, instead becoming a core playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.
  • Phoenix Wright's rival in UMvC3 appears to be Nova, as they are both guardians. Wright being the guardian of his clients (defending them in court), and Nova being the guardian of the galaxy. Nova gained supernatural powers which he uses to fight regular crime. On the other hand, Wright, a normal human, has had numerous encounters with the supernatural, and even faced villains of a mystic nature. They also both use very different methods of delivering justice, with Phoenix Wright using the law, and Nova using violence.
  • There was a discrepancy in Phoenix Wright's Level 3 Hyper Combo. When dealing the final blow, he says "Take this!", while his text bubble displays "Take that!". This was fixed on December 19 when Heroes and Heralds Mode was released with a patch.
  • The gigantic Judge from Phoenix Wright's Level 1 Hyper Combo, Order in the Court, is a reference to his nightmare at the beginning of the first case in the second game, where a gigantic Judge slams him with his gavel for being "no longer worthy of his title". He has the nightmare again in the final case of the same game, as he is conflicted with knowing that his defendant is guilty but being unable to pass a guilty verdict due to Maya having been kidnapped on the defendant's orders.
  • Phoenix Wright's reveal trailer ends with him defeating Dr. Doom with the Ace Attorney Hyper Combo. This may be a joke or reference to Doom's ability to evade the legal system due to diplomatic immunity, as well as the game Ace Attorney Investigations, where overruling diplomatic immunity was a major plot point.
  • Wright's universal launcher and Air Combo/Aerial Rave finisher involve him sneezing. This is a reference to the first case in the third game, where a young Phoenix Wright is stricken with a bad cold. In addition, one of the items he finds as (unusable) evidence is a bottle of Grape juice, referencing his future self's favorite drink.
  • His Ace Attorney Level 3 Hyper Combo does the highest amount of damage of all the characters and hypers in the entire game and possibly the entire Marvel vs. Capcom series along with Vergil's Dark Angel. It is also the only Hyper that hits anywhere in the screen (similar to but possibly better than Magneto's Gravity Squeeze), though it can still be blocked like so.
  • One of Phoenix Wright's after-match quotes has him saying "I don't like having things thrown at me, but at least I'm happy it wasn't hot coffee." This is a reference to Godot, the prosecutor from the third game, who would often throw his coffee cup at Wright. Another reference to Godot is "A wise, coffee loving prosecutor once said 'once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains must be the truth'". Which is both a quote from Godot and famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, he is called by his Japanese name, Naruhodo-kun, even if the audio is set to English, similar to Hsien-Ko and Akuma, as Lei-Lei and Gouki, respectively.
  • If Jean Gray, as Phoenix, defeats him, she compares him and herself, a destroyer of worlds, asking who between themselves is more hated.
    • In the Marvel universe, lawyers are despised and reviled due to being successfully manipulative by possibly underhanded means, thus the X-man Phoenix's winquote.
  • Phoenix Wright's "Slip Up" move, which involves him slipping on a banana peel and hitting overhead, isn't a reference to anything in the Ace Attorney series, but rather, a special reference to the first "Fight without Fighting" character Norimaro, who also had this move.
  • If Phoenix's voice is set to Japanese, his speech bubbles will also turn into their Japanese kanji form.
  • Phoenix Wright's assists were once fully invincible while in Turnabout Mode. The invincibility was removed upon the release of the Heroes and Heralds patch.

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