"Target Acquired, PROTON CANNON!!"
—Iron Man

"Here's my Sunday best! PROTON CANNON!!"
—War Machine

"Here's the big one... PROTON CANNON!!"
—Iron Man using his 45°-Angle Proton Cannon

Proton Cannon is one of Iron Man's and War Machine's Hyper Combos.

Iron Man summons a gigantic repulsor cannon and mounts it on his shoulder. He then proceeds to fire off an enormous beam directly in front of him. War Machine's version is the same, but when he goes "Golden War Machine Mode", he fires a barrage of missiles instead.

Tactics Edit

Proton Cannon has a slow start up time and can easily be interrupted by a fast attack thus ending the Hyper Combo, so using this move haphazardly isn't ideal. Although if the opponent is directly in front of Iron Man while activating the hyper combo causes them to get hit by the cannon when its summoned. However, opponents can get behind the fired beam and punish Iron Man.

Angled Proton CannonEdit

A variation of Proton Cannon called Angled Proton Cannon can be used.

It is virtually the same, the only difference is Iron Man can angle it to aim up at a 45 degree angle, making it a good anti-air attack.


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