Pure & Fur are two of the four protagonists in the quiz board-themed Arcade game Adventure Quiz: Capcom World 2. They appear together in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes as an assist character.

Backstory Edit

Pure the Mage and Fur the Cat come from a medieval-styled world called the "Capcom Kingdom", and are part of a group of four young heroes who travel the land. After a mysterious villain has stolen three crystals and turned their dragon protectors into raging beasts, the four heroes take upon themselves to reach the three castles and recover the crystals to restore peace to the land.

Pure is a young 15 years old mage whose parents were people from the skies. She's a bit clumsy but good-spirited, enjoys doing fortune-telling with a crystal ball and is eager to work as a goddess that spreads love and courage to the people. Fur is a 256 years old cat who descends from a tribe capable of human speech and takes down enemies with his sharp claws.

In gameplay, Pure has the ability to select the genre of her quizzes while Fur can randomly remove one or two wrong answers.

Assist Attack Edit

  • The Fate of the Dice: Pure jumps into the screen and waves her wand over her head, causing rain of dice to fall around her. Fur also falls down, bounces up and Pure catches him and they leave the screen. The attack has short range and average damage output, but it can catch jumping opponents off-guard as it comes from the top of the stage. It can be used a total of five times. When called to attack, she says Saigo no mondai desu (最後の問題です), "This is the last question".

Screenshot Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Pure made a few other minor cameos before and after Marvel vs. Capcom, most notably in Ken's stage from Street Fighter Alpha 2. She was also somewhat popular with Capcom artists at the time, with the characters making appearances in several multi-series group artworks.
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