Rapid Fire Fist
Rapid Fire Fist
User Haggar
Meter Cost One
Hits 12~45
Damage 276,800~414,400
Execution Qcf+Attack button 2x
Properties Invincible, Mashable
Hard Knockdown

"Can ya handle it?! You're finished!"

Rapid Fire Fist is one of Haggar's Hyper Combos. In the move, Haggar executes a barrage of lightning quick punches, delivers an uppercut and a final downward double hammerfist punch. Air/comic book tearing streaks are colored yellow. Mashing the attacks buttons during the first punch can result in Haggar doing more damage and hits during the rest of the animation. After the patch, this move got more damage.

Trivia Edit

  • The attack is known as Deskwork Gatling (デスクワークガトリング Desukuwāku Gatoringu) in the Japanese version of the game.

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