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High Speed Venom (ハイスピードヴェノム, Hai Supīdo Venomu) (also known as Red Venom or Hyper Venom), or simply Dash Venom is a secret character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. He is an orange colored Venom, resembling Carnage.

Hi-Speed Venom is a much faster version of the regular Venom, although he's also much weaker and can take less punishment than any other character, receiving roughly twice the amount of damage per hit. He's possibly the fastest character in the Marvel vs. Capcom series as a whole, and most of his moves leave a special afterimage effect.


When confronted as a CPU opponent during Arcade Mode, Hi-Speed Venom is introduced by Onslaught before the battle begins. In the Japanese version, Onslaught refers to him as his "servant" and orders him to destroy everything and to bring desperation equally to all of humanity. In the English version, he shouts at the player to "witness the might of Onslaught unleashed!".

This lines of dialogue imply Hi-Speed Venom is a clone of the real Venom created by Onslaught's psychic powers.

Hi-Speed Venom's ending, just like those of the other Marvel secret characters in the game, is him simply doing his character select animation in front of the Hyper Combo background while the text "Congratulations! You've defeated the game with a secret character!" appears underneath him.

How to unlock[]

To play as him, you have to highlight Chun-Li at the character selection screen. Press Right, Down (4), Left, Up (4), Right (2), Down (2), Left (2), Down (2), Right (2), Up (4), Left (2), Up. His portrait will appear above Chun-Li's.

For the PlayStation version, complete the game with Venom and then at the character select screen, highlight Chun-Li and press up.

To fight this version of Venom, the player needs to meet these requirements before Stage 7: Perform a Hyper Combo finish, Crossover Combination finish or a Duo Team Attack finish in every bout, but perform 4 Duo Team Attack finish before Stage 7 and never let either of your characters get knocked out.