Rhino Charge
Rhino Charge
User Wesker
Meter Cost One
Hits 1
Damage 250,000
Execution AS QCB+Attack button 2x
Properties Physical Counter,
Invincible, Crumples

"You don't stand a chance!... Such a waste of life...."

Rhino Charge, AKA Gokutotsu (獄突, lit. "Prison Thrust") in Japanese, is Wesker's counter Hyper. Wesker performs a pose, and upon being attacked, counters with the move itself where he stabs his opponent in the chest with his fingers (one of his original finishers in Resident Evil 5). This attack leaves the opponent in a crumple state for a full combo afterwards.


  • You have to do your combo right after you finish the Hyper, as it only crumples the opponent for a second.
  • However, if they fall down, they can easily be comboed back up with a Low Samurai Edge.


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