Rock 'n' Roll
Rock 'n' Roll
User Rocket Raccoon
Meter Cost One
Hits 35~69
Damage ~200,000
Execution Arcade Stick QCF+Attack x2
Properties Mashable, Strike, Spinning Knockdown

"Now let's ROCK AND ROLL! Eat this!"
—Rocket Raccoon

Rock 'n' Roll is one of Rocket Raccoon's Hyper Combos.

Rocket pulls out a large Gattling Gun and fires at the opponent. He then pulls out another gun that fires a large plasma sphere, which tracks the opponent.


  • This move is great for ending combos, use an OTG (Off the ground) on your opponent then pull it off.
  • As this move is very similar to Million Dollars and Happy-Happy-Trigger, it's possible to do terrific damage by making a team Hyper combining the 3.
  • You can DHC right before the last hit, to get a Spinning knockdown. This is useful for DHCs into utility hypers such as Veil of Mist.

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