Royal Flush is one of Gambit's Hyper Combos. Gambit throws his pole into the air, then rapidly throws a deck of energy charged cards one by one at the opponent, and making them explode by snapping his fingers. The sequence happens so fast that the cards travel in a blur.

Tactics Edit

Popularly done by the AI in Marvel vs. Capcom is to sweep HK the enemy and then perform the move for an effortless chunk of damage inflicted. This is best done as a frametrap and as a counterattack, and rarely connects in combos in a manner that would yield maximum damage.

Trivia Edit

  • Oswald from SNK's The King of Fighters series does a similar super move to the Royal Flush called Joker. It comes out a tad slower than Gambit's but also yields comparable damage. Ironically, Oswald also has a move called Royal Flush as well, but it is done differently.

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