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Ruby Heart is an original character from Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. She and Cable are the main protagonists of the game.


Ruby Heart is a French-speaking pirate captain with a prominent reputation across all seven seas. Traveling across the world with her crew onboard a flying ship known as "Partenaire"[note 1], she's always on the lookout for objects with hidden magical powers to add to her personal collection. In battle, she can be seen manipulating several of these objects, which includes a water-manipulating book and a haunted chest containing hostile ghosts. She's also good at hand-to-hand combat and employs weapons like anchors, sabers and a whip.

While seeking out a way to steal the fabled "Armor of Erosion" from ancient times, Ruby Heart sees herself involved in the crisis brought about by Abyss' awakening and its devastating effects on the land. Unable to defeat Abyss alone, Ruby assembles the strongest heroes from the Marvel and Capcom universes. After Abyss' defeat, the heroes take a travel back on Ruby's ship, as she inspects Abyss's core, its true form. She briefly contemplates adding it to her collection, but seeing it has been cracked and is now devoid of power, she finds it worthless and cast it into the seas below.

In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Ruby Heart makes a cameo in the Days of Future Past stage, featured in a giant wanted poster on the background, with an "Apprehended" bar over her mugshot.


Special Attacks
Move Name Input
Schwarzaile Can be used in air30pxQuarter circle forward30px + Any punch30px, then Omni-directional30px + Any punch30px to redirect x2
Sublimation Quarter circle forward30px + Any kick30px
Fantome Quarter circle back30px + Any kick30px
Rafale Cannon Half circle back30px + Any punch30px
  • Schwarzaile (シュバルツェール, Shubarutsēru?) - Energy surrounds her body, forming an energy ball that hits multiple times. The attack can be controlled depending on the direction pressed. The direction of the attack can be changed up to two times. (Can also be done in the air.)
  • Sublimation (シュプリマシオン, Shupurimashion?) - Ruby Heart takes a book and shoots a column of water from the ground. The distance depends on what kick button is pressed.
  • Fantôme (ファントゥーム, Fantūmu?)[note 2] - Ruby summons a treasure chest next to her. After a bit a ghost pops out and heads toward the opponent. If the ghost successfully grabs the opponent it will start to drain their hyper meter.Half a bar will be depleted, after that it will drift away.
  • Rafale Cannon (ラファールカノン, Rafārukanon?)[note 3] - Ruby Heart throws an anchor at the opponent, if it connects she will pull her opponent towards her and shoot them out of a cannon. Light Punch will shoot the anchor straight across, while the Hard Punch will shoot diagonally up-right.
Assist Attacks
Set Type Assist Counter Cross-Over
α Anti-Air Sublimation Sublimation Partenaire
β Capture Rafale Cannon Schwarzaile Mille Fantomes
γ Enhanced Power-Up Orb Sublimation Flan Mer
Hyper Combos
Move Name Input
Flammeile Can be used in air30pxQuarter circle forward30px + Any punch30pxAny punch30px, then Omni-directional30px + Any punch30px to redirect x4
Partenaire Quarter circle forward30px + Any kick30pxAny kick30px
Mille Fantomes Quarter circle back30px + Any kick30pxAny kick30px
Tour de Magie Heavy kick30pxLight punch30pxDown30pxLight kick30pxHeavy punch30px, then Light punch30px / Light kick30px to throw swords
  • Flammeile (フランメール, Furanmēru?)[note 4] - An upgraded version of Schwarzaile. Ruby Heart can change directions of the attack four times. The attack is controlled depending on what direction is pressed. (Can also be done in the air)
  • Partenaire (パルトネール, Parutonēru?)[note 1] - Ruby Heart rams her opponent with her ship. If the ship connects it will start attacking by shooting cannonballs at them. Initial contact is required in order for the ship to attack with the cannons.
  • Mille Fantômes (ミルファントゥーム, Miru Fantūmu?)[note 5] - An upgraded version of Fantôme. Ruby Heart summons a chest, and after some time multiple ghost pops out. Long start up time and cannot move for the duration of the attack.
  • Tour de Magie (トゥール・ド・マジ, Tūru do Maji?)[note 6] - One of Ruby Heart's men drops a barrel on top of her opponent's head, causing them to be trapped in the barrel. If it connects she will start to throw blades at them. The more blades successfully thrown the more damage the attack will do. The blades thrown are depended on what button is pressed. Pressing the wrong button will end the hyper combo.



  • Ruby Heart's special move "Schwarzaile" has several possible translations, including a misspelt of the German word "Schwarzerle" (black alder), the mixed German/French "Schwarz Aile" (Black Wing) or the French "Cheval Selle" (Horse Saddle). There's some support for the last one since the first part of the move's name シュバル (Shubaru?) is used in the name of the Cheval-Osaka club and the French-themed Restaurant Cheval. Additional misspelt German possibilities include "Schwarz Sail" (Black Sail) or "Schwar Sail" (Heavy Sail).
  • Ruby Heart's 4th Hyper Combo, "Tour de Magie", is based on a popular children's game known as "Pop-up Pirate", which originated in Japan in 1975.
  • Capcom's former community manager Seth Killian stated in a PAX West convention stream that Ruby Heart was a rejected concept character of the Darkstalkers series. Reportedly, former Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono also confirmed this in an interview.[1][2]
  • Ruby Heart appears as a character card in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters 2 and Card Fighters DS.
  • Ruby Heart was slated to appear in a Capcom social mobile game titled Dai Koukai Frontier as one of the main characters. The game was intended to release in February 2014, but it was delayed to increase its quality and since then no new information has surfaced.
  • A character inspired by Ruby Heart, simply named Ruby, was revealed in the Street Fighter V encyclopedia site as a character in the series' backstory. She's from Norway and the youngest sister in a family of sailors, all of which are adapted from characters in Capcom's 1984 puzzle game Pirate Ship Higemaru.


  1. 1.0 1.1 French for "partner"; mistranslated as "Pare-Tonn're" in English, a misspelling of the French word for "lightning rod"
  2. "phantom" in French
  3. roughly translates to "Burst Cannon" in French
  4. possibly a misspelling of franc mer, "free sea" in French
  5. "thousand phantoms" in French
  6. "trick of magic" in French


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