Saki is one of the main characters in the hybrid quiz/dating sim Arcade game Quiz Nanairo Dreams. She appears in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes as an assist character.

Backstory Edit

Saki Omokane gives the appearance of being an ordinary 16-years old high school girl from the town of Nijiro-chou, but in reality she's a member of the Earth Defense Force, a secret organization which deals with monsters and demons threatening Earth. Saki serves as an international civil servant in the Nijiro-chou underground base, defending the town from the constant assault of giant monsters. Her main weapon is a large experimental "Positron Rifle".

Saki was one of seven girls in Nijiro-chou who received a fragment of the "Crystal Seal" which kept Demon Lord Beelzebub from entering and invading the world. The nameless protagonist has six months to befriend and eventually fall in love with one of them, as developing the "ties to the heart" is the only way to restore the crystal's power and prevent the Demon Lord's plans. Regardless of the girl who the protagonist develops a relationship with, however, Saki will invariably jump in and strike Beelzebub, shattering the demon lord's mask and ending the battle.

Assist Attack Edit

  • Positron Rifle: Also known as the Experimental Positron Cannon. Saki jumps into screen, takes aim and shoots an electric bolt, then strikes a pose and jumps back. The attack is instantaneous and can hit up to three times. It can also cancel out projectiles. Can be used a total of seven times. When called to attack, she says Tasuke ni kimashita! (助けに来ました!), "I'm here to help!".

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Trivia Edit

  • Saki's 2P color (blue uniform) is based on the uniforms of the Ultra Garrison from the Ultraman series Ultraseven.
  • Saki and Ton Pooh are the only assist characters in the game to receive a full-body official artwork. Saki is also the only assist character to receive two pieces of official art, thanks to her appearance in the game's cover art.
  • Saki is the first assist character to be upgraded into a fully playable character in a fighting game, being included in 2008's Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. She was followed by Thor and Arthur in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. From a technical standpoint, however, she'd be second to the Unknown Soldier, who made a playable appearance first in 2005's strategy RPG Namco x Capcom.
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