Samurai Edge
Mvc3 wesker samurai edge fire
Samurai Edge
User Wesker
Hits 1
Damage 80,000
Execution Horizontal Fire:AS Right+Attack hard
Lower Shot:Arcade Stick DR+Attack h
Anti-surface:Arcade Modifier AirArcade-Stick-Down+Attack hard
Properties Projectile, Chip Damage

Samurai Edge (サムライエッジ, Samurai Ejji) is one of Albert Wesker's command normals. Wesker fires his signature pistol at his opponent, and can follow up with a Phantom Move teleport afterwards as a followup input.

He can fire straight ahead (Horizontal Fire/Suihei (水平), lit. Horizon-Level/Water-Flat), towards his oppenent's feet (Lower Shot/Kahou (下方), lit. Downward) which counts as both a low attack and OTG, and downward from mid-air (Anti-Surface/Kuuchuu (空中), lit. Midair).

All versions inflict chip damage, despite being command normals.

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