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Sentinel, performing a Sentinel Force in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Sentinel Force is one of Sentinel's special attacks in X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Sentinel summons three mini-Sentinels that fly toward the opponent and ram them, the mini-Sentinels exploding in the process. The light version of this attack is angled downward, the medium angles upward, and the heavy version (also know as Air Raid or Bombs) sends 3 mini-sentinels overhead that drop 4 bombs each across the stage, and the opponents also take damage if they are struck by the flying mini-sentinels. The medium and heavy versions of this attack are assist attacks for Sentinel, and the medium version is the default for the simple input.

Onslaught also has access to this move.

Quarter circle forward30px+Light kick30px or Medium kick30px for Sentinel Force (MvC2)

Quarter circle forward30px+Heavy kick30px for Sentinel Force Bombs (MvC2)

Omni-directional30px+Medium attack30px (MvC3 Simple Input)

H sentinel force.png

Quarter circle back30px+Light attack30px or Medium attack30px for Sentinel Force (MvC3 Normal Input)

Quarter circle back30px+Heavy attack30px for Sentinel Force Bombs (MvC3 Normal Input)

Input Hits Damage Proporties
Light 3 50,000 per hit Projectiles
Medium 3 50,000 per hit Projectiles
Heavy 12 25,000 per bomb Projectiles, Wave, OTG

Hyper Sentinel Force[]


Spoken during Hyper Sentinel Force.

Hyper Sentinel Force is one of Sentinel's super moves. Sentinel aims for the opponent and sends 3 waves of 3 mini-Sentinels to attack. In Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the 3 mini-Sentinels are now grouped more tightly together. The attack does less damage if you don't connect with all 9 hits, but it lets you continue your combo afterwards.


Quarter circle forward30px+Any kick30pxAny kick30px (MvC2)

Quarter circle back30px+Any attack30pxAny attack30px (MvC3)

Level Hits Damage Proporties
1 9 306,000 total Projectiles