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The Gou Shouryuuken (豪昇龍拳, lit. Great Rising Dragon Fist) is said to be the original Shoryuken, which is a more powerful variation of the regular Shoryuken. While this was the standard Shoryuken at the time the art was founded, the lethality of the move increases when the practitioner embraces the Satsui no Hadou. This Shoryuken knocks the foe high into the air and slices its foe as the fist is rising up. A well-placed Gou Shouryuuken can be fatal to an opponent – it has the ability to kill anyone in one stroke if the practitioner is skilled enough.

Thus, as a result, Akuma/Gouki's version is a combination of both Ryu and Ken's; knocks down, and has multiple hits, making it a very powerful anti-air to punish with.

In some MvC games, Akuma has a variation similar to Ken's that involves wrapping himself in purple dark flames during the active frames of the attack.

Dragon punch; forward down down-forward30px+Any punch30px

Dragon punch; forward down down-forward30px+Any attack30px (MvC3)

Input Hits Damage Proporties
Light 1 90,000 Anti-Air
Medium 2 118,000 Anti-Air
Heavy 3 132,600 Anti-Air

Messatsu Goshoryu[]

The Messatsu Gou Shouryuu (滅殺豪昇龍, lit. Annihilating Great Rising Dragon) is Akuma's stronger version of the Shouryuu Reppa. While this move does not scorch the opponent (save for the later MVC versions that involve dark purple flames), a well-placed Messatsu Gou Shouryuu can instantly kill an opponent with the least amount of effort.


Quarter circle forward30px+Any punch30pxAny punch30px

Dragon punch; forward down down-forward30px+Any attack30pxAny attack30px (MvC3)

Level Hits Total Damage Proporties
1 9 292,000 total Start-Up Invincible

Shining Circuit Shoryuken[]

Shining Circuit Shoryuken.gif

Shining Circuit Shoryuken is Cyber-Akuma's version of the Shoryuken. This version of the Shoryuken is much faster, does a lot of hits and is fiery red, not purple like normal Akuma, which is slower with less knockdown.

Scramble Gou Punch[]

Scramble Gou Punch.gif

Scramble Gou Punch is one of Cyber-Akuma's Hyper Combos. Improved version of Akuma's Messatsu Gou Shoryu. A lot more powerful and comes out faster, possibly the faster hyper in the game.