Sakura developed her own variation of the Shoryuken, the "Shou'ouken" (咲桜拳, lit. Blooming Cherry Fist), in which she runs at her opponent and finishes with an uppercut. It doesn't get as much height as a typical Shoryuken. Her Shoryu Reppa-inspired combo Midare Zakura (乱れ桜, lit. Disordered Cherry Blossom) is two-to-three of these Shou'oukens back to back.

In the VS Series, Sakura's Shou'oken includes an aura force-field in front of Sakura to allow for more hits, and acts almost similar to a projectile. Sakura unlike in her home series will skid to a stop if she doesn't connect with a target during her dash.


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