Skrull Torch
Skrull Torch
User Super Skrull
Meter Cost One
Damage 293,200
Hits 30
Execution Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCF+Attack x2
Properties Invincibility, Directable

"Burn, ignorant creature! Nyahahaha!"
—Kl'rt during Skrull Torch

Skull Torch is one of Super Skrull's's Hyper Combo's. Kl'rt encases himself in fire much like the Human Torch and attacks by charging in to them. Tilting the control stick up or down will change Skrull's flight and can be used in mid-air.


  • It's name may be a reference to the fact Super Skrull was originally planned to be the Human Torch.
  • Its's appearance is similar to that of the Psycho Crusher

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