Moveset Edit

Move Name Input
Web Ball Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCF+Punch
Web Throw Arcade Stick HCB+Punch
Web Swing Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCB+Kick
Spider Sting Arcade Stick S+Punch
>Spider Bite during Spider Sting Punch
Maximum Spider Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCF+Punch x2, DPAD2 to direct

Theme Songs Edit

Marvel Super Heroes OST, T05 - Spider Man

Marvel Super Heroes OST, T05 - Spider Man

Marvel Super Heroes Music - SPIDER-MAN Winning

Marvel Super Heroes Music - SPIDER-MAN Winning

Quotes Edit

  • Showtime! (intro)
  • Hey! (taunt)
  • Do your job! (taunt)
  • C'mon, pal! (taunt; Spider-Man only says "C'mon!", though)
  • Spider-Sense tingling! (round win)
  • One for J.J.! (match win)

Post-Match Quotes Edit

  • If you had a brain, you might be dangerous.
  • You could win if you didn't keep hitting my foot with your head.
  • You're just so cute when you're unconscious.
  • Your cha-cha wasn't bad, but your mambo definitely needs work.
  • I hear they're looking for people at the clown college. (win with high energy)
  • You'll make somebody a great sidekick someday! (win with high energy)
  • Not bad... But you still look stupid in that outfit. (win with low energy)
  • Oh great... Do you know how much it costs to dry clean this costume? (win with low energy)
  • Just what I need... Another clone! (mirror match)

Gallery Edit

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