Moveset Edit

Move Name Input
Web Ball Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCF+Punch
Web Throw Arcade Stick HCB+Punch
Web Swing Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCB+Kick
Spider Sting Arcade Stick S+Punch
>Spider Bite during Spider Sting Punch
Maximum Spider Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCF+Punch x2, DPAD2 to direct
Crawler Assault Arcade Stick QCF+Kick x2
Ultimate Web Throw Arcade Stick QCB+Punch x2

Theme Song Edit

Marvel vs Capcom OST 11 - Spider Man's Theme

Marvel vs Capcom OST 11 - Spider Man's Theme

Win Quotes Edit

  • And I still have time to make it back for dinner.
  • Best two out of three? You're on!
  • Defeating bad guys is all in a day's work!
  • Got a beef with me, pal? Well, I got one for you!
  • Great fight; and some great pics for J.J.!
  • Hey, I can't always be friendly to everyone!
  • Hope M.J. doesn't mind if I'm late tonight!
  • This one's sure to make the front page!

Gallery Edit

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