Spirit of Vengeance
Spirit of Vengeance
Spirit of Vengeance
User Ghost Rider
Meter Cost One
Hits 12
Damage 189,000
Execution Arcade Stick S+Attack x2
Properties OTG, Hyper Armor

"Johnny Blaze rides again!"
—Ghost Rider

"Meet my better half!"
—Ghost Rider (Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite)

Spirit of Vengeance summons Ghost Rider's motorcycle to damage his enemy. With no additional button presses, Ghost Rider will travel the full length of the screen, and can be canceled into different attacks by pressing any attack button. Pressing light will cause the bike to speed up and run over his opponent, medium causes the bike to do a wheelie that launches the opponent into the air, heavy performs a U-turn that causes a wall bounce, and special performs a wheelie with multiple hits.

This hyper hits OTG and has a large amount of hyper armor, so Ghost Rider will not succumb to hitstun if attacked. While the hyper armor allows this attack to be used to plow through enemy attacks, it has no invincibility on startup, limiting it's ability to counter opposing hypers. But sure not to hit any additional attacks after activating Spirit of Vengeance. Any attack inputs during the hyper combo flash performs the follow-ups preemptively. None of them hit OTG, so accidentally performing one causes the attack to miss completely if performed on downed opponents.

The move returns in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and due to the mechanics of the game, you can continue a combo from Spirit of Vengeance by yourself without the need of the tag system.

Follow UpsEdit

Follow Up


Hits Damage Properties
Speed Up Attack light 1 150,000 Hyper Armor, Hard Knockdown
Jump Attack m 1 160,000 Hyper Armor, Hard Knockdown
U-Turn Attack h 1 200,000 Hyper Armor, Wall Bounce, Hard Knockdown
Wheelie Special 9 258,500 Hyper Armor, Hard Knockdown


  • Before canceling with one of the followups, you should allow Spirit of Vengeance to hit as many times as it can. Canceling towards the end of the hyper combo (instead of the very end) is the best way to maximize the damage. Getting the damage from the extensions is much more important than the minimal damage gained from getting all the hits from the initial bike ride.
  • Be mindful of your next character's THC when choosing which attack to end the hyper combo with. Some THCs need the wheelie, while others are better suited for the U-turn. If you opt to not use a THC, performing the wheelie with special delivers the most damage.


  • This Hyper Combo is named after Ghost Rider's nickname of "The Spirit of Vengeance".

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