Stalking Flare
Mvc3 dormammu
Stalking Flare
User Dormammu
Meter Cost One
Hits 20
Damage 256,300
Execution Qcb+Attack x2
Properties Projectile, Homing

"I summon the power! Run! RUN!"

"Molten Ball! Run! RUN!"
—Dormammu (Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite)

Stalking Flare is Dormammu's most useful hyper outside of combos. Using this hyper will allow Dormammu to create a large, slow-moving fireball with 20 hits that will home in on the opponent. The fireball will not expire with time and can follow the opponent around the screen. The opponent cannot evade the fireball for a large amount of time without a teleport. The only way the fireball will disappear is when it expends all 20 hits or Dormammu has taken damage. If the Stalking Flare KOs a character before if expends all of it's 20 hits, it will stay on the screen and it will home on the next character to come out. This move is best used at full-screen or near full-screen in order to recieve all of its bonuses since it has slow start up and an extended recovery. Dormammu can have multiple Stalking Flares on the screen at a time.


  • The Stalking Flare is a move made to buy time, use it to get Dark Spell charges while the opponent is occupied or tag out if Dormammu is low on health.
  • Use Mass Change M right before the Stalking Flare reaches the enemy to mix them up.
  • Launch one after a Purification tower, and it will push your opponent upward from below, buying you a very large amount of time.
  • If your opponent is low on health, launch a Stalking Flare, then X-Factor and create a second one for great chip damage.
  • This move is a very useful option to DHC into

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