Tatsumaki Senpukyaku

"Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpukyaku!"
—Spoken during Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku.

The Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku (竜巻旋風脚, lit. Tornado Whirlwind Leg) AKA the Hurricane Kick is an attack that originates from the classic Capcom fighting video game series Street Fighter. The practitioner jumps and while in the air, rotates his or her legs (usually with the help of an invisible ki tornado to help with the suspension), kicking the opponent multiple times depending on button pressed. It is usually performed by moving the joystick or D-pad a quarter circle backwards the opponent from the down position, then pressing a kick button.

Tatsumaki's, in some games, will lift the user high enough to fly over some projectiles, or even a crouching opponent (though in some games it can be impossible through balancing it in order to prevent the Tatsumaki from being either punished or making it too strong in terms of evasion).

A command normal by the name of Senpuukyaku (旋風脚, lit. Whirlwind Leg) exists for most users of the Tatsumaki, especially Ryu and Akuma/Gouki, where the user leaps forward with an outward spin kick in a similar motion to a Tatsumaki to strike the head of the opponent. This attack appears to be a prerequisite of the Tatsumaki, as the user leaps into an arc instead of flying straight through the air. Thus, this is a staple command normal/unique move for leaping attacks that go over most low attacks.

The attack eventually makes its return in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, only used by Akuma. The animation however is still the same as in past games despite the Tatsumaki's having a change in animation since Street Fighter III. Akuma also flies a bit more straight in the air as opposed to hopping forward in an arc.