Thanos reigns!


Have you come to beg for my help?

Thanos to Gamora (Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite)

You are no god! You are a fool. You wield the greatest power in all creation, yet you wear them like trinkets, and use them like a child?

Thanos to Ultron Sigma (Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite)

Thanos is a character in the Marvel Vs. Capcom series. He appears in Marvel Super Heroes as the game's final boss, and in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 as a regular playable character. He is a villain for many Marvel heroes, such as Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, Iron Man, The Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Thanos returns as a playable and revamped character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite while also having an important role in the story mode, as he is asked for help by the protagonists against Ultron Sigma.

Backstory Edit

Thanos was born on Titan, a moon of the planet Saturn to Mentor and Sui-San. Due to a genetic quirk Thanos is born with the Deviant gene and as such resembles the Deviants - the Eternals' cousin race - more than his own people. Although treated fairly by his race, Thanos is mindful of his appearance and becomes distant, only keeping company with his brother Eros (who would later become the Avenger known as Starfox). Thanos matures to adulthood, and via the use of bionics and mysticism augments his abilities to easily become the most powerful of the Titanian-born Eternals.

Bitter at being an outsider, Thanos is driven insane and becomes fascinated with nihilism, embarking on his quest to "please" death, and begins by conducting a nuclear bombardment of Titan that kills millions of his race. Many years later, Thanos begins his plan to conquer the galaxy by building a base on Earth and constructing a space vessel in the solar system. It is at this time that Mistress Death - drawn by the level of Thanos' obsession and his now considerable power - manifests itself before Thanos, being an abstract entity and the personification of the universal concept of death. Thanos becomes determined to prove his "love" to Death for this sign of affection by destroying all life in the universe.

After obtaining the Soul Gem from Adam Warlock, Thanos develops a weapon with the other Infinity Gems powerful enough to destroy stars. Thanos is once again defeated and turned into stone. Years later, the Silver Surfer witnesses the resurrection of Thanos by Mistress Death, who feels that Death needs a champion once again. A revived Thanos decides to collect the Infinity Gems, which he takes from the In-Betweener and the Elders of the Universe. Thanos then combines the gems on his left glove to create the Infinity Gauntlet, which allows him to exceed the power he once possessed with the Cosmic Cube. Thanos honors Death by erasing half the population of the universe, and then goes on to defeat the entire cosmic hierarchy (e.g., Galactus, the Celestials, Eternity) as Death watches. A group of Earth's superheroes almost defeat an overconfident Thanos, who turns himself into a cosmics entity, but due to the oversight of leaving his physical body unattended, he easily loses the Gauntlet to the space pirate Nebula, who claims to be his granddaughter. Nebula then undoes all of Thanos' changes, only to then lose the Gauntlet shortly after to Adam Warlock.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Thanos is an extremley powerful individual. Being an Eternal, Thanos possesses super-human strength, endurance, reflexes, and agility. His skin is highly resistant to heat, cold, radiation, electricity, aging, toxins, etc. He is able to survive indefinitely without food or water. He has been "cursed" by Death with immortality. Also, his mind is resistant to most psychic attacks, and is capable of projecting blasts of cosmic energy from his eyes and hands.

He came to acquire the Cosmic Cube, which allowed complete manipulation of reality and the elements.

However, this was nothing compared to the power that Thanos recieved when he obtained the Infinity Gauntlet. He possessed unlimited control over the universe; more specifically: Time, Space, Power, Mind, Reality, and Soul.

Gameplay Edit

Thanos was the final boss of Marvel Super Heroes, and was the most powerful character in that game. He was toned down when he transfered to Marvel Vs Capcom 2, having a large amount of his attacks taken out or nerfed. Thanos is fairly low tier in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. He doesn't have any dominating gimmicks, tricks or moves to exploit. Additionally, he cannot perform throws in the air. Thanos does have some upsides, however. His combo magic series is for all six hits on the ground, while jumping and super jumping. He has three different launchers, along with a 'mini-launcher' in his crouching medium punch.

Both of his special moves have their uses, but demand a certain level of precision in execution to avoid retaliation. Thanos can deal excellent damage with his Hyper Combos.

Depending upon the assists chosen, Thanos can play two diametrically opposite styles. With an aggressive assist, like Psylocke or Ken's anti-air, he can go on an all-out offensive; pressurising and chipping the opponent with his dive-kick, air combos, specials and hypers. Thanos can also be used as a keep-away character, if supported by Blackheart's Inferno anti-air or Doctor Doom's Molecular Shield anti-air assist. His jumping and standing hard punches and standing and crouching hard kicks have amazing range for keeping his opponents away. Thanos can bait retaliations with the recovery of his heavy attacks and counter attack with the Titan Crush or Hypers.

In Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite, Thanos significantly changed his moveset, as he doesn't have his Infinite Gems anymore. Though most of his basic moves, as well as his only special move Titan Crush/Titan Charge maintained, and he gained some new specials and hyper combos (One of these being a new Level 3 called "Cosmic Fall"), as well as some brand new unique moves.

Command Moves Edit

These moves are exclusive to Marvel Super Heroes

  • Rock Shot: Thanos whips a set of rocks upwards, then shoots a rock forward.
  • Fire Wave: Thanos stomps the ground sending a wave of fire forward.
  • Rock Wave: Thanos scoops the ground sending a wave of rocks forward.

These moves are exclusive to Infinite:

  • Hand Bomb: TBA
  • Insolence Crusher: TBA
  • Palm Breaker: Thanos uses an aerial straight right palm on his opponent, causing wall bounce. It is also useful for juggle combo on corner, if wall bounce properties was used.
  • Titan Gaze: TBA

Special Attack Edit

  • Titan Crush/Titan Charge: Thanos dashes towards his opponent and attempts to ram them. Using hard version will allow for farther distance and more damage. It is renamed Titan Charge in Infinite.
  • Death Sphere: Thanos throws a bubble at his opponent trapping them. Hard Version allows the bubble to go at a farther distance. It is removed in Infinite.
  • Titan's Deceit: A teleport that enables Thanos to get behind his opponent and is his only native mobility special. First appeared on Infinite.
  • Insurrection's End: Thanos grab and smash down his opponent's face, causing a ground bounce. First appeared on Infinite.
  • Emperor's Stance: Thanos emits electricity onto himself. If an opponent is hit by it, they are crumpled. First appeared on Infinite.
  • Titan's Shield: A projectile that picks up speed throughout its duration and hits three times. First appeared on Infinite.

Assist Attacks (Marvel vs. Capcom) Edit

Type Assist Counter Cross-Over
α Capture Death Sphere Death Sphere Gauntlet Power
β Dash Titan Crush Titan Crush Gauntlet Reality
γ Launcher Lauching Punch Launching Punch Gauntlet Space

Hyper Combos Edit

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Edit

  • Power Gem/Gauntlet Power: Using the Infinity Gem of Power, Thanos fires a massive energy ball at the opponent. In Marvel Super Heroes, this attack was known as Power Gem.
  • Reality Gem/Gauntlet Reality: Using the Infinity Gem of Reality, Thanos summons two slabs of rock that slam together and crushes his opponent between them. In Marvel Super Heroes, this was known as Reality Gem.
  • Space Gem/Gauntlet Space: Using the Infinity Gem of Space, Thanos open a portal which rains debris onto his opponent. In Marvel Super Heroes, this was known as Space Gem. Only used in Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom 2.
  • Soul Gem/Gauntlet Soul: Using the Infinity Gem of Soul, Thanos fires an energy bolt that steals his opponents health and adds it to his own. In Marvel Super Heroes, this was known as Soul Gem.
  • Time Gem/Gauntlet Time: Using the Infinity Gem of Time, Thanos briefly reduces the opponent to half-speed. Only used in Marvel Super Heroes. If this move appeared in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, this would be dubbed as Gauntlet Time.
  • Mind Gem/Gauntlet Mind: Using the Infinity Gem of Mind, Thanos briefly reverses the opponent's controls. Only used in Marvel Super Heroes. If this move appeared in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, this would be dubbed as Gauntlet Mind.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Edit

  • Final Judgement: His Hyper Combo beam only works for anti-air purposes, and not suitable against crouching and small characters.
  • Sovereign Decree: He can use an aerial Hyper Combo, descending from air in a unleash a hard cresent chopping.
  • Cosmic Fall: This is Thanos' new level 3 hyper combo. He uses his bare punches and send the enemy to the air, then uses his cosmic power to strike the opponent while they're mid-air as a finishing move.

Quotes Edit

You are a fool! Did you truly think I would allow you to defeat me? A billion souls have known death at my hand. It is time you joined them!

Thanos' pre-battle quote

You created me to test you and now I'll give you the death you deserve.

Vs. Himself

Win Quotes Edit

  • If you wish to try again, COME AND GET ME!
  • Thanos is always pleased to honor you with the pain you deserve.
  • You are unworthy to possess the Infinity Gems!
  • You thought you could defeat me, you suffer from delusions of grandeur.
  • Fool, you never stood a chance against my power. (win with high energy)
  • Is this the best you can do? Such a pity. (win with high energy)
  • The folly I nearly allowed will never happen again. (win with low energy)
  • You came close, but still you are no match for the might of Thanos. (win with low energy)
  • I am the depths from which greatness comes. The one true THANOS OF TITAN! (mirror match)

Theme Songs Edit

Marvel Super Heroes

Thanos Theme-Marvel Super Heroes Soundtrack

Thanos Theme-Marvel Super Heroes Soundtrack

Marvel Super Heroes OST, T28 - Victory (Thanos)-0

Marvel Super Heroes OST, T28 - Victory (Thanos)-0

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Thanos - Marvel vs

Thanos - Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite (OST)

Artwork Edit

Sprites Edit

Thanos breath Thanos-wins Than-rock Than-bubble Than-rocks Than-grab

Also See Edit

Thanos's moves in Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes

Trivia Edit

  • In Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Thanos is voiced by Isaac C. Singleton Jr., who previously voiced him in Avengers Assemble, Lego Marvel's Avengers, Disney Infinity 3.0, and the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series on Disney XD. Isaac is also the current voice actor for Sagat in the Street Fighter series.
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