Thanos' Palace in Marvel Super Heroes

Thanos' Palace is a stage in Marvel Super Heroes and the home stage of the final boss, Thanos.


The stage takes place on a palace in outer space, with Thanos' throne visible in the background. Two large burning pillars in the shape of Thanos' head adorn the sides of the palace, and several planets are seen behind the palace. Several heroes have been turned to stone on the palace's floor, including Thor, the Scarlet Witch, Nova, She-Hulk, and Drax the Destroyer. Mephisto and Death appear in the background, watching the fight.

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Thanos' Palace in The Infinity Gauntlet

  • The stage is based off of Thanos' Palace at the edge of the universe from the limited comic book series, The Infinity Gauntlet. In the series, the Palace was built as a tribute to Death by Thanos after he obtained the Infinity Gauntlet. At first the palace featured sculptures of Death's head adorning the sides, but after Death's betrayal Thanos changes them to his head.
  • Death's Sanctuary in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite resembles this palace, appearing as part of a cutscene in story mode.