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Tomichin (とみちん / 富朕 / トミチン / トミー朕, Tomichin?)[1] is a parody character and a caricature of Atsushi Tomita, who was assistant designer in X-Men: Children of the Atom and Marvel Super Heroes and main designer in X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. "Tomichin" is a nickname given to him by the development staff, and the caricature bears a striking resemblance to Bert from Sesame Street.


The royal pronoun "-chin" () used in Tomita's nickname came from the idea of having Thanos use it in his victory screen in Marvel Super Heroes, this was scrapped because it made Thanos come across as incomprehensible.[1]

Tomichin first appeared in the Secret File (a special booklet bundled with Arcade releases) for Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, as a stand-in for Tomita in a special feature where he and game artist Katsuya Akitomo "clowned" around speaking a bunch of silly, nonsensical dialogue[2]. The image also includes a small profile with a parody movelist listing two special attacks and one Hyper Combo:

  • Dragon punch; forward down down-forward30px+Any punch30px - I'm Sorry, I Forgot (『ごめんなさい、忘れてました』, "gomennasai, wasurete mashita"?)
  • Quarter circle back30px+Any kick30px - There it is!! (『それですわ!!』, "soredesuwa!!"?)
  • Quarter circle forward30px+Any punch30pxAny punch30px - Absolute Fusion (絶対合体, zettai gattai?), a reference to Capcom's Arcade game Side Arms.

During development of Marvel vs. Capcom. Clash of Super Heroes, Tomichin was inserted in the game as a joke by the staff behind Tomita's back, who was at the time away on a business trip[3]. The character was removed once Tomita got wind of it, but some elements remained within the code and were found by fans years later. These elements include a set of sprites showing rough animations for Tomichin rising a fist and being knocked down, a single sprite where his nose extends and forms a fist and an announcer voice clip. According to Tomita, the staff was working on his Aerial Rave when he came back from his trip.[3]



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