Ton Pooh, also spelled Tong Pooh, is a boss character and primary enemy in the Strider series. She appears in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes as an assist character.

Backstory Edit

Ton Pooh is the leader of a trio of Chinese bounty hunters known as the "Kuniang M.A. Team", together with her older sister Pei Pooh and younger sister Sai Pooh. The trio is well known for their mastery of an original form of martial arts based on Chinese Kenpo, and for the incredible strength of their kicks, which are capable of generating a fatal whirlwind of plasma in the form of a sharp edge that cuts through anything. Ton Pooh is the most driven and ferocious of the three sisters, and shows a very combative temper when fighting.

When Strider Hiryu began his mission to eliminate Grandmaster Meio, the evil lord placed a reward for his head and contracted several assassins and bounty hunters to kill him. Displaying an absolute loyalty to the Grandmaster, Ton Pooh accepts the job and leads her sisters in battle against Hiryu atop an airship flying over Siberia, but they are all defeated in the end.

Assist Attack Edit

  • Deadly Plasma Kick: Ton Pooh jumps into the screen, then performs a back-turning jump kick with a large edge of plasma forward, after which she jumps away. The attack has great range, covering the full screen in a way similar to Hiryu's HP Gram, but it is otherwise hard to use effectively use to set up combos. Can be used a total of nine times. When called to attack, she says Hissatsu Plasma Kyaku! Ha! (必殺プラズマ脚!は!), "Deadly plasma leg! Hah!".

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Trivia Edit

  • Her assist attack is a faithful recreation of her signature kick technique in the Strider series.
  • Ton Pooh's 2P color (gray shirt and black pants) is based on the Kuniang's optional boss battle faced in the final stage of Strider. In this boss battle the sisters all wear grey/black instead of their respective colored clothes.
  • Ton Pooh and Saki are the only assist characters in the game to receive a full-body official artwork.
  • Ton Pooh is the only assist that was not playable in any game before or after Marvel vs. Capcom. Game director Atsushi Tomita had doubts about using her due to this, but the character left a strong impression in the staff and this helped their decision to finally include her in the game.
    • Although Devilot was also a non-playable character in her debut game, Cyberbots, she'd later become a selectable character in the following home console ports.
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