Tornado Claw
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Tornado Claw
User Wolverine
Hits 3~11
Damage Varies
Execution Arcade Stick S+Attack button
Properties Mashable, Strike

"Tornado Claw!"

The Tornado Claw looks like a Shoryuken style attack, but it doesn't have invincibility; this makes its usefulness very limited. It's not an effective anti-air, it can't be used to break out of your opponent's offensive patterns, and it's unsafe on block. However, the Tornado Claw has one specialized use-it's the key component of the very difficult Fatal Claw loop combos. Mashing buttons during Tornado Claw substantially increases the damage, but also causes Wolverine to rise higher into the air. In most cases, this attack is best used to counter clumsy jump-ins, and to end combos.

Tornado Claw DamageEdit

  • Light Version: 3-7 hits (81,200~131,200 damage)
  • Medium Version: 4-10 hits (103,000~164,300 damage)
  • Heavy Version: 5-11 hits (122,600~177,700 damage)


  • To perform the Fatal Claw loop, hit the opponent with Tornado Claw L (3 hits) and cancel into Fatal Claw. Wolverine recovers and lands fast enough to repeat this up to 4 more times as long as you have the meter to burn.

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