Vector Drain
Vector Drain
User Morrigan Lilith
Damage 120,000 ~ 170,000
Execution Arcade Stick HCB+Punch
Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button
Properties Command Grab, Hard Knockdown


Vector Drain is Morrigan's unblockable command grab. Morrigan embraces the opponent while transforming her wings into thrusters and flies high into the air before coming down head first while spinning, slamming the opponent into the ground.

Due to the slow speed at which Morrigan recovers after connecting with this move it's incredibly difficult -if not impossible- to follow up with anything outside of Shadow Servant in the corner. Prior to MvC3 this move had an incredibly long recovery animation upon 'whiffing' the throw which could -and often would- lead to Morrigan's demise or, at the very least, heavy damage, while this long recovery still exists it can now be cancelled into her flight mode drastically cutting the recovery period. You could also use this moment to setup Astral Vision.

Attack Power Description
Attack light Lowest damage, fastest speed
Attack medium Slower speed than L, more range
Attack h Anti-air