Wall Cling
Wall Cling
User Strider Hiryu
Damage ???

Arcade Stick QCF+Special

Properties Ground Bounce

Wall Cling (壁張り付き, Kabe Haritsukeri) is one of Strider Hiryu's special moves.

Hiryu jumps in front of him and clings onto a wall. He can perform various moves by pressing any attack. This is useful for cross-up attempts on the incoming opponent. You can also move up and down as well as dismount off the wall.

Attack Power Description
Attack light

Ladder kick

Attack medium

Slices in front of him

Attack h Divekicks to the ground. Causes a Ground Bounce

Jumps to the opposite side. (壁渡り, Kabe Watari, lit. Wall Transition)

The followups are all respectively named in the Japanese version:

  •  Ladder Kick (下蹴り, Shitageri; lit. Lower Kick)
    • Originally called the Sliding Kick (スライディングキック, Suraidingu Kikku) in older games.
  •  Cypher Strike (サイファー攻撃, Saifā Kōgeki; lit. Cypher Attack)
  •  Jump Attack (飛び蹴り, Tobigeri, lit. Flying Kick)
    • Originally called the Jimen ni Tobigeri (地面に跳び蹴り, Jump Kick to the Ground) in the previous games.
  •  Wall Exchange (壁渡り, Kabe Watari, lit. Wall Transition)
    • Originally called the Opposite Wall Switch (反対側の壁移動, Hantaigawa no Kabe Idō, lit. Opposite Sided-Wall Movement) in the previous games.