Weapon X
Wolverine weapon x
Weapon X
User Wolverine
Meter Cost One (MSH-MvC2)
Three (MvC3,UMvC3)
Hits 27
Damage 440,000
Execution S+Attack x2
Properties Invincible
Hard Knockdown

"Weapon X!"
—Wolverine, during Weapon X.

The Weapon X is Wolverine's most powerful hyper combo. It's a level 1 hyper combo until MvC3 where it becomes a level 3 attack.

Wolverine dashes half-way across the screen, and if he connects with his opponent, he tears through his victim with multiple savage attacks, starting with a 10-hit Berserker Barrage, then a much stronger version Tornado Claw, slams his opponent to the ground, and finishes off with a 1-hit slash similar to the Fatal Claw. Like most level 3 hyper combos, you should use it primarily at the end of long combos because it deals massive unscaled damage. This attack has a fair amount of start-up invincibility during the initial dash.

X-23 has her own version of this attack known as Weapon X Prime, while Sabretooth has his own version known as Weapon X Dash.


  • Take advantage of Weapon X's start-up invincibility to blow through certain attacks and hit your opponent in point-blank situations, and beat most other hyper combos.

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