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Spencer activates X-Factor

X-Factor is a speed and damage boosting technique present in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It is traditionally activated by pressing all four attack buttons, L, M, H and S at the same time.

The duration of X-Factor varies with each character, and it becomes more powerful if the user has one or both of their partners KO'ed. These are known as Level 2 and Level 3 X-Factors respectively.

X-Factor can only be activated once per match, but has many uses, such as increasing damage on attacks, cancel specific moves to extend combos or turn the tables when you are losing a match.

X-Factor Activation Quotes[]

Meet your death!


I am not yet beaten!

I never surrender!

This mission's over!

This fight isn't over yet!

Release inhibitors!

Now you've made me angry!

Anime power-up time! Ha-ha!

You have angered Doom!

By the omnipotent Oshtur!

By the abyss!

You rubbed me the wrong way!


Stop hogging the fight!

This is only just the beginning!

No way!

One beat down coming!

You've made us very angry!



Arc Reactor full power!

Fear my wrath!

Defeat is not in my vocabulary!

You're starting to bore me!


Oh, it's on now!

I'm not done with you!

I'll turn things around!

This is so over!

This is it!


Give me strength!

Tremble before me!


It's all or nothing!

Gone like the wind.

I'm not finished yet!


I'll show ya who's the master!

I will best you!

No more playing around!

Full power to engine!

I need more power!



You're gettin' on my bad side!

What would Wolvie do?!

No more games!